Wedding Photographer in Shropshire and the Midlands

£695 for a Presentation USB Stick from preparation of Bride to Mock Cutting of Cake (with copyright handed to you) (approx 300+ photos)

£995 for preparation of Bride to First dance and all the bits in between



Information require for a precise quote for your wedding is:

 1 – Your planned wedding date.

 2 – All locations I’ll be required to attend (e.g brides home, ceremony

venue, reception venue, other photoshoot locations) and ideally with


3 – The number of hours coverage you require (most couples opt for 4 – 5 hours coverage).

If you’re not sure then give me an indication of the time of the ceremoney and when food is due to be served. I can then give you a few options depending on the events you want covered.

With a well-designed itinerary 4 – 5 hours coverage allows the majority of the wedding repertoire to be covered (up to mock cutting of the cake) and gives between 300 – 500 finished images with usage copyright on presentation USB Presentation Stick.  All your photos will be tweaked to perfection by using up to date digital processing software.

Shropshire has many beautiful places to get married

Shropshire has many beautiful places to get married, and is home to some of the most stunning venues in the local region for having as the setting and backdrop for your wedding photos. However, what good is the beautiful and friendly backdrop if you have no way of collecting these moments for all eternity?

With the help of Heavenly Photography, you can get the finest quality of wedding photos. As an experienced wedding photographer Shropshire couples can count on us to provide stunning photography with all of the style & class that you would expect from a professional wedding photography firm.

We make sure that our standards are always at the very highest – your wedding is not a laugh with some friends, it’s one of the biggest days of your life. Therefore, being able to look back and see every single moment of the day in full HD pictures is very helpful for years down the line when you want to show your friends & family the happiest day of your life all over again.

Wedding photography is a hard thing to choose as you always want to make sure that whoever you get is absolutely perfect for the job – at Heavenly Photography, we believe we are the ideal candidate for any wedding photography session.

We know the Shropshire area, we are passionate about quality photography and we have a genuine love for what we do. Capturing your wedding day in the finest essence and style possible is our main aim as a business, and it helps us make sure that you get the best quality back.

Nothing hurts more than poor wedding photography, so we make sure that your big day has the best quality of photographs in terms of positioning and the capture of the relevant emotions & events of the day.

We create a find blend of happy friends & family bonding over the union of two families, and we make sure that you and your other half play centre stage to the event. We tell the story of your big day through photos, and make sure that in years down the line you have the best possible quality of photographs to pick from that are easy to recognize and pin-point what they show.

Distinct, quality photography is our standard and we want to make sure that all of our clients benefit from that standard – if you want to make sure that you leave a legacy behind of your wedding day, then Heavenly Photography is the ideal candidate to make sure your happiest days are relived in the right way.  

If you are interested in hiring a reliable & professional wedding photographer that knows the Shropshire area, then contact us HERE for more information!