We love everything to do with photography and weddings here at Heavenly Photography, so looking back on the history of such an important service to any wedding is a must for us, it is truly interesting to know how it all began.

The wonders of photography and getting photos started out as a physical pursuit, instead of pushing a button for an image like we do now they used to have to send hours developing a photo. Long before the wonders of digital cameras and films photos used to be created via tin and copper.

Since the inception of photography back in the 19th Century, newlyweds captivated by love and romance wanted their blurry outlines preserved, however in the early part of the 19th Century choice was rather limited, there was no paper photographs, no multiples images, no albums and certainly no drop box or transfer links which we take for granted now, what we have on offer now is luxuries and we are spoilt for choice. Also equipment back then was bulky and very heavy so being out on location was not an option an couples were confined to a studio. Having even one image of your wedding was only really available to the wealthy, one of the very first couples to pose in such a manner was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1854 but this was not on their actually wedding day as such option was not available, they posed 14 years later! After the Queen and Prince showed the world their photo everyone wanted to get in on the action.

By the 1880’s huge improvements reached the world of photography, George Eastman the founder of Kodak patented a roll film, then later the Kodak black camera which was designed to use the film, this meant photography became more accessible and easer to offer out. This was the beginning of wedding photography being able to offer on location shoots, multiple photos and hard copies of your special day.

The way photography and wedding photography has developed is extraordinary, here at Heavenly Photography we cannot get over what we can offer our clients, we can offer choice, various styles and editing to bring a new dimension to their forever memories.

If you are planning a wedding in the near future please get in contact today so we can discuss all options.

Until then keep safe and stay indoors