Looking for a Female wedding photographer?

Hi, Debbie here. I am predominantly a Wedding Photographer but often get asks to do family shoots too. If you asked my friends “name 2 things that best describes Debbie?” Answers. 1: ‘She has been a Veggie nearly all her life 2: And more importantly, the biggest Prince fan in the world’.

I was born and bred in Much Wenlock, then moved to West Sussex the end of the 80’s but came back to Telford 2002 where I live a stones throw away from the beautiful Silkin Way. I have 2 boys who I am very proud of, now all grown up and qualified Engineers.

On my 21st birthday my parents bought me my first ‘film’ camera, now heading to my 50’s (still look 21 of course!) I am working with high end full frame Nikon cameras. So near off 30 years photographing.

Many a time I’ve been told ‘wow, you‘re more than a photographer, helping with getting the bride & bridesmaids ready and always helping the guys out with pinning their button holes on. This comes from owning an Award Winning Bridal Boutique, Heavenly Wedding Belles. So as you can see I LOVE a wedding.

I make you feel at ease, make you laugh and sometimes you may not even see me as I’ll be hiding behind a bush grabbing those natural moments of the happy couple and their guests.

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Your wedding day is something that women dream about from a very young age

It’s the grandest occasion in many of our lives, and creates a real mark on our life from that day forward. After all, you are committing to a lifelong relationship! As the excitement and madness of a wedding nears, though, many things can fall by the wayside and you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the work that comes with putting the perfect wedding together.

You’ll have no help in some sectors, and too much help in others! Weddings very rarely go as originally dreamt, so making sure that you have as much delegation as possible to get the ideal outcome is hugely important.

When it comes to sorting out the photography, however, many people can find that it becomes a very stressful situation. Trying to find the right wedding photographer can take a long time, and fears about problems unraveling on the day with equipment and staff is the nightmare scenario for any couple – so, make sure that when you are looking at a wedding photographer, you look at the right characteristics of what makes a good photographer.

As a female wedding photographer, Heavenly Photography from Telford understands the need for that extra attention to detail on the big day. The photo book is one of the biggest parts of adding to your wedding experience, as it gives you all the pictures you need to look back and see what is coming in the future – therefore, having somebody alongside you who has also shared the same dreams for the perfect wedding can help make things move along perfectly.

We can be there from the start of the day to capture every single moment, chronicling your entire wedding day as it unfolds in the most beautiful way possible. We can capture every emotion, every laugh and every smile that happens throughout the night, and paint the picture of true love and harmony that many people dream of for their wedding days.

As a female wedding photographer, Heavenly Photography can help you get the right touch from your photography and ensure that everything goes together in end so that you don’t just have a photo album, but you have a beautiful story to tell for generations to come about the happiest day of your life!


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